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This application takes most clients about 10 minutes to complete. Those who fill out the application will be given priority to those who just call in. If you are thorough, we can deliver a letter of interest for your particular financial transaction within 48 hours. We require you to put at least 20% of the cash necessary into your project. If you are looking to do a project with none of your own money, do not go any further. Please look at our underwriting conditions page to see a list of items you will need to provide. Please note, if you are applying for our Residential Purchase Rehab Program, please complete our pre-qualification form instead. You can submit your conditions via email. Send to: [email protected]

Please fill out the form as completely as you can. Note: We require you to contribute a minimum of 20% cash into every transaction. Do not go any further if you are looking to do a deal with none of your own money.

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