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Interest Rate 6%             2 Points
Term: 5 years or 10 years
Fixed: 5 years or 10 years
Prepay: All interest is due/full yield spread premium
Prepay Buy down: None
Minimum: $500,000 (NO EXCEPTIONS!)
Maximum: $20,000,000
Total per borrower No limit
Available all states but: All states now Available!
Property Type: Residential 1-4, Apartments, mixed use
Minimum Fico: 650
Appraisal Required: $600-$1100 per property
Assumable: Properties can be substituted to avoid interest lock out



  1. Russell Roesner says:

    No exceptions on the credit score. This is a product we sell on the secondary market and the rules are the rules. I would not use this product for purchases except for single family homes as multifamily will require minimum rental debt service. However, it is stated income for SFRs. The property value is the purchase price no exceptions. However, there is no seasoning on a refinance.

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